Patient Financing ​

Patient Financing Solutions

Patient Financing Solutions

Every year there is a notable increase in the number of people wanting to use healthcare services. Many patients are not able to receive medical treatments due to the rising costs. Medical providers are concerned that patients that need their services cannot afford them. It also means a reduction in business prospects for the healthcare providers and medical offices. If more patients are able to receive medical care the medical facilities high costs grow. This growth would automatically mean a higher percentage of business for medical providers.

An effectual solution to this problem is to offer patient financing options. Medical patient  financing will help more patients who are in need of medical services obtain them. Patients have the ease of making use of a financing alternative solutions to all those complicated insurance policies or bearing the burden of paying the entire cost at once. 

You the provider are paid quickly and for the entirety of your services. More patients will be able to afford the expenses of medical treatments and you will be able to see your business flourish with VIP Financing Solutions.

The Benefits

  • Standard financing down to a 500 credit score.
  • No credit needed financing options.
  • Short Term Payment Plans.
  • Offer promotions like 90 days, 6 months and 12 months same as cash.
  • Instant approvals.
  • Medical Provider is paid upfront on all financing and payment plan options.

Peace of Mind

  • No risk to the medical provider and no charge-backs.
  • Non-predatory financing and payment plans.
Medical Financing

Let’s Make Healthcare Reasonably Priced

Healthcare treatment options are ever growing. Society is diverse and ever changing.  Every day, people are looking for healthcare treatments that will assist them in improving their health and their appearance. However, these healthcare treatments are beyond the patients’ spending abilities. Many people are not aware of financing alternatives. Once they become aware, it will change their lives. Patients will have the ability to bring vitality to their lives and will appreciate the ability to have medical financing solutions. It can be said with assurance that medical financing companies have made these healthcare facilities more affordable.

Benefits for the Doctors

As the criteria of affordability increases for patients, even the doctors get the benefits. Medical financing makes the visits to doctor’s clinic easy and affordable. Moreover, patients get the benefit of paying the doctor’s fee at their convenience. Thus, they pay the same amount of money as the specified fee but not at once and at convenient time intervals. Moreover, this implies more visits for the doctor’s clinic as well. More visits automatically turn into good business avenues for the healthcare providers. Your clinic’s name reaches far and wide through your patients and the line in your clinic’s waiting room increases. Medical financing can even be used as an effectual marketing tool for doctors and general medical offices. With this solution you can even reach to patients who cannot in general scenario avail the healthcare services.

Patient Financing Options and Understanding Patient Finances

Patient financing can help you in getting an idea about the financial abilities of your patient and assisting them to pay accordingly. With our patient financing solutions, you do not need any credit check financing. All you need is information about their bank accounts as well as simple identification info. Moreover, you can get approvals for financing plans for your patients within a day. However, in complicated situations, the approval period can be extended to a week time.

In addition, you do not need to pay any monthly fee for availing this service for your patients and there are no lengthy contracts to be signed. This simplifies the entire process to a great extent as we understand that as doctors you have a shortage of time to go through any terms and conditions.

Patient Financing

The best part about the medical patient financing is that you get paid for your services within 24 hours to 48 hours. In addition, patients who avail these financing plans receive a credit card bearing the name of your healthcare office. Thus, you get the advantage of using a marketing tool as per your wish. More patients avail these financing plans through your office, more your name gets marketed through these cards. Any business is known to prosper immensely when it is talked about by people who have used the services provided. The same goes for healthcare services. A doctor’s name gets more popular when his or her patients talk about the healthcare services offered. Medical patient financing makes this happen in reality.

Patient Financing Options

Different Financing Plans

 There are different patient financing plans available. For those with low income or credit scores there are also options. If you wish to base the financing option on the patient’s income in place of his credit, you can make a note of their bank account and pay. This information will give you an idea the amount the patient can afford and will assist you in setting up the financing plans for him.

Medical patient no credit card financing is a better option. The best part, as the provider you will have access to use this option for marketing yourself. Patients would surely like to go to a doctor who can take care of their financing issues as well. The option of medical patient financing is not difficult to set up. 

The benefits accrued surely outweigh the investments made. After setting up the plan, you can talk to your patients in detail about these plans and can strengthen your relationship with the patient as well.

If you are a provider who has just set up their clinic, this financing plan can be very useful as you can observe a rapid increase in your business. The financing plans are easy to use and there are no complications involved. Healthcare is a sensitive and widely used. A person needs to avail these services once in his lifetime. However, costly medicines and treatments have caused losses of many precious lives.

Thus, many doctors are making use of these medical patient financing plans so that more and more people can use them. These financing plans bring the treatments within the financial reach of your patients and they are able to frequently visit your clinic without any worries.

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