Offer Financing to Customers

The Missing Puzzle Piece to Boosting Sales!

Our Main Objective is to Boost Your Sales!

VIP Financing Solutions is the premier financing for customers network for small to medium businesses, helping you to attract and retain more customers, boost your sales and grow your company. By offering financing to customers, you allow them more flexibility when purchasing your products or services. Our services are provided to you contract-free with no setup or monthly fees, allowing you to reap the rewards of your extra sales.

All our financing options & payment plans are Paid UP-FRONT to the merchant. In short: our affordable payment plan solutions are convenient, risk-free and help you grow your business.

Through our Multi-Lender Network, we offer:

  • Standard Financing – (long term financing).

  • Payment Plans – (short term financing).

  • No Credit Needed Financing.

The VIP Advantage

There is no quicker way to grow your business than to offer affordable customer financing and payment plans. 85% of your customers, clients or patients can purchase your products and services, even individuals with low credit scores. Provide your customers with the convenience of fast approvals so they can complete their purchases immediately.

Offer Financing to Customers

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Consumer Financing Benefits

  • Offer easy standard financing for credit scores as low as 520
  • Provide payment plans so your clients can pay for your products or services in installments
  • Credit-free options
  • Instant approval allows your clientele to take advantage of current promotions
  • No recourse – you are paid upfront on all finance and payment plan options
  • Increase sales of repeat services
  • Increased foot traffic through word of mouth
  • Improved online traffic due to increase in clientele
  • Advanced technology that requires no equipment
  • No chargebacks eliminate any risk to your business
  • Unlimited training available to you
We Service Businesses Across Different Industries

Our goal is to help small and medium businesses boost sales and grow their brands with easy and hassle-free consumer financing solutions. Whether you’re treating patients, selling furniture, a photographer, a jewelry store or repairing cars, we are here to service you and your customers. If you do not see your business type, don’t worry, contact us and see if we are the right match to boost your sales. 

offer financing to customers

Customer Financing Multi-Lender Network

From ONE to MULTIPLE LENDERS Under One-Umbrella.

Did you know that over 60% of Americans cannot qualify for conventional store credit products? In most cases, this means they will end up not spending any money at the store at all. Our alternative financing system can offer those shoppers effective long-term and short-term financing solutions so they can complete their purchases.

VIP Financing Solutions coordinates with multiple lenders willing to work any consumer application. Don’t lose any more profit to larger companies that offer financing to customers! Become one of them with our hassle-free consumer financing plans.

How Many Customers are you
Losing Because You Are Not Offering Financing?


  • Online system that quickly scans MULTIPLE consumer financing companies
  • Get fast online credit decisions 24/7 within 10 seconds
  • $100 – $35,000 instant financing available
  • Direct deposit to your current business bank account

Peace of Mind

    • NO RISK to your business – No chargebacks
    • Non-predatory financing and payment plans available
    • No equipment (e.g., check scanning machines) needed
    • No customer postdated checks
    • Offer financing to customers through one secure system

Offer Financing to Customers

New 2022 Technology Designed to Grow Businesses

No cost or risk to get started
  • Our network offers multiple customer financing companies
  • Each payment plans pays the merchant up-front
  • Financing without credit available
  • Accept gift cards from other stores
  • Inventory control software included
  • Professional accounting software included
  • The built-in automated marketing drives customers back to your business
Simply Use Any Internet-Ready Device WiFi or Mobile
Customer Financing
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