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Jewelry Store Financing

Offer Jewelry Store Financing and Boost Sales!

With our multi-lender network, VIP Financing Solutions provides you with simple financing options that you can offer your customers so that they can spend more at your jewelry store. And best of all: we require no setup fees, monthly fees, or contracts.

We simply match you with the best lenders that fit your jewelry store, whether that’s one lender or multiple lenders. Out of all the jewelry store financing companies out there, we have been helping jewelry stores grow since 2005.


Grow Your Business by Letting your Customer Choose the Best Payment Option.

When you offer financing solutions, you attract more customers to your store and drive more sales for your business. Whether you want to boost sales, increase average order value, attract new customers or earn repeat business, the possibilities are endless. Don’t just capture more traffic but convert more leads to actual paying customers! Using our financing solutions offers you a number of benefits, including:

The Benefits

  • Offer payment plans and financing options to your customers and sell more jewelry
  • Standard financing is available down to a 500-credit score
  • No credit needed financing options
  • Short-term payment plans are available
  • Offer instant approval on promotions like 90 days, 6 months, and 12 months that equal cash payments
  • Customers are instantly approved
  • You are paid upfront on all financing and payment plan options

Peace of Mind

  • No risk to your business and no chargebacks.
  • Non-predatory financing and payment plans.

Jewelry Financing - Why Us?

Jewelry Financing

Price wars amongst competitors can make it difficult for you to attract and retain customers. Aside from surviving on thin margins, you also have to face hundreds of online businesses that offer the same products as you, as well as corporate giants that compete with 90-day financing at 0%, 12-month offers equaling cash, and instant credit approvals.

This is where we come in: we provide jewelry financing with no credit needed that you could pass on to your customers. This allows you to offer special promotions, including 6- or 12-months equal to cash that your customers can qualify for instantly and helps you remain competitive.

It’s clear that the benefits of financing are plentiful. Attract more leads and convert a bigger percentage into satisfied customers through our jewelry financing program!

No Extra Equipment Needed

Unlike many other jewelry financing companies, you don’t need to rent any terminals to offer payment plans to your customers. We ensure to provide you with a secure, proprietary, cloud-based application program. All you need is:

  • An internet connection

  • A computer, smartphone, or tablet

Jewelry Store Financing - How Does It Work?

  1. Financing check-out options – When your customers apply for financing, the system gives them the option of choosing the best financing or payment plan for them, which gives them the best chance of getting credit approval. Most credit approvals happen instantly. The no credit needed alternative financing is ideal for customers with bad or no credit.

    The system is 100% paperless and the application takes less than 60 seconds to complete. Regardless of the option they choose, the jewelry store is paid upfront.

  2. Zero risk – Since the financing is done through third-party institutions, you are at no risk for customer chargebacks or defaults. You will be paid within 24-48 hours of the transaction.

  3. No contracts – At VIP Financing Solutions, we are committed to helping you grow your jewelry store and your profits with industry-leading jewelry financing, backed by no credit needed financing options. We require no short-term or long-term contracts.

  4. Branding & Promotions – You can choose to create a branded online store shopping cart as well as take advantage of special branding and promotion programs to drive repeat customers back to your business and accept gift cards from other stores. Our marketing team will help you out, signage is included!
Jewelry Store Financing

Because the financing is done through third-party institutions, you are at no risk for customer charge backs or defaults. Our merchants also get their money within 24-48 hours of the transaction. There is no need to wait for weeks or even months for your profits to come rolling in.

VIP Financing Solutions is committed to helping jewelry stores grow and become more profitable. There is no long-term contract. There is a full menu of different options you can choose from. Because you are not stuck in a long-term contract you can add services as you grow and become more comfortable with our industry-leading jewelry financing, backed by no credit check financing options. You can even create a branded, store credit card.

Jewelry Financing

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