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medical spa financing

As a medical spa owner, wouldn’t it be nice to offer alternative med spa financing for your customers? Many people today simply cannot afford to walk into your business and pay for services upfront. Not everyone has insurance to pick up the bulk of the bill. Studies have shown that around 60% of Americans would find it difficult to obtain standard credit assistance, but at VIP Financing Solutions we offer a solution to that problem.


We are proud to offer short term and long term medical spa financing options for people with low credit scores. Our experts make the process easy for you and for your customers. We are confident that we offer the most complete and efficient finance options for small businesses.

New Medical Spa Financing

  • Accept Credit Cards with No Fees.
  • Offer Regular Financing and No Credit Needed Financing.
  • Accept Gift Cards from Other Stores.
medical spa financing

Staying Competitive with Medical Spa Financing

If a business is going to increase their customer base in the world today they need to be very competitive. There are too many businesses offering the same service and you must give the customer a reason to choose you. You can offer outstanding service at a competitive price, but even that will not always meet the needs of every customer. Medical services can often cost more than a customer can afford to dish out at once. Services like cosmetic surgery can cost a lot. That is why we offer cosmetic surgery medical spa financing options. We understand that not being able to offer financing puts some small businesses in a predicament. If a customer comes in for service, but cannot pay the bill upfront they are more likely to go to a business that is prepared to accommodate their needs. Don’t let this happen to you. VIP Financing Solutions can help.

Our program offers many benefits

We offer many medical spa financing options, which provide numerous benefits for you and your customers. The most impressive benefit the program offers is the ability to meet all your customer’s needs. You have the opportunity to retain the customer and keep him from going somewhere else for the service. People will be more apt to consider cosmetic surgery with your company if they know you offer cosmetic surgery financing. There is no risk to you or your customer. You will not be hit with any charge-backs and the application for financing will not go against the customer’s credit. We offer alternative med spa financing for those customers with lower credit scores as well.



You can submit medical spa financing application 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The setup charge is very affordable and the credit approval is instant, sometimes only taking seconds. Whether your customer is interested in standard cosmetic surgery financing or requires alternative med spa financing; we can make it happen.


Throw in the fact that we offer payment terms from 12-60 months and 6-months to 12-months same as cash and you will have credit burdened customers lining up at your door. For the alternative medical spa financing all your customer needs is income and a bank account that can be used for direct deposit payment plan options. The customer can be approved right on the spot and your cash will be direct deposited into your business bank account within 48 hours. It is as easy as that.


The customer is happy because the medical spa financing options allow them to afford the services they need and you are happy because you get the business and guaranteed payment for services rendered.

medical spa financing

Retain MORE Clients using Medical Spa Financing

medical spa financing

Don’t let your customers get away – As a growing business, you cannot afford to let any customers get away. You can place an apply here button right on your website making it very easy to apply. Our clients continue to tell us how smooth and inexpensive our program is and how much it has meant to their customers. Every potential customer is a valuable commodity that should not be taken for granted. When they walk through your door you need to retain them and our medical spa financing options can help you do that. Do not allow your potential customer to go to a company to get cosmetic surgery financing when they could have easily obtained it through you.

Support you can trust – We also offer access to our VIP Consumer Acquisition Program. Our experts can assist you with customer retention strategies and provide you the opportunity to offer your customers an in-store credit card that will have your logo and company name on it. We offer outstanding customer service support because we are committed to ensuring complete client satisfaction with our product. Make the right choice for you and your customers. VIP Financing Solutions is ready to provide you with comprehensive medical spa financing options today.

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