Learn How It Works

System Includes:

  • Accept ALL FORMS of credit card payments with No Processing Fees.
  • Offer consumer financing in the form of a Store Card, good at your location only (Same as the big box stores).
  • Offer No Credit Needed options to help credit challenged customers.
  • Instant receipts by Printing or Email to your customer.
  • Offer Personal Loans for large purchases up to $35,000 (Customer must use the loan for your business only).
  • All financing options are NON-RECOURSE.

A Simple Process

The Customer

The customer shops and chooses Products / Services.

The Salesperson

The salesperson can accepts cash, or a major credit card, or offer standard or no credit financing, or a personal loan from the Point of Sale (POS) system.

Financing Options

Salesperson enters the customers credit information and receives a credit decision instantly from the Point of Sale (POS) system.

Deliver Product or Service

The customer takes possession of the product or receives services immediately. No-Recourse (charge-backs) to the business.

Store Card

If the customer applied for a store card, the card will be mailed within 7-10 working days to use for future purchases. Store card credit can be used same day without waiting for the card.

Repeat Business

Offering financing to your customers drives repeat business. Customers return to use your store card time and time again, just like the big box stores. The store card is ONLY good at your locations.

How It Works

How will your Business Benefit? 

  • Increase in customers and customer loyalty.
  • Customers receive a custom credit card with your business name and logo, which is great for branding and repeat business.
  • Great up-sell opportunities.
  • Fast approvals – usually in just seconds.
  • We DO NOT use post-dated checks.

How will your Customers Benefit? 

  • The customer’s credit score is not affected.
  • Instant credit with no down payment for standard financing.
  • They can buy immediately after approval.
  • Low credit score approvals.
  • Get what they want when they want it.
  • Able to purchase more of what they need or want.

Point of Sale

How It Works

Funds are Direct Deposited
within 24-48 Hours